We will be (somehow) resuming operation in this mid/late April.


Don’t worry, I’m officially finished this stuff.

Magical Molly! Trading Cards (School Uniform)


To celebrate 100,000 followers, the Official Japanese twitter for @madoka_magica has released official Twitter icons as a gift to their followers! The icons were drawn by the Ume Aoki who created the orginal character designs for Madoka Magica.


A bunch of Molly Kelley renders for your projects!

Credits to this person.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!


Asks are officially closed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
On the bright side…submissions are still available.


We wish you all for having a Happy New year this 1st of January!

Sorry girls…the movie’s premiere was cancelled in our place…



That’s too bad.

"whispers" Thank goodness.

What do you just say, Hilda?

No, nothing.

On the bright side, we can buy the DVD/BD of the movie next year!


Everyone, I just want to greet each one of you(Including Glasses Hilda and Dark Hilda and Cubey) Advanced Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014... :)


Well…since I’m the only one around there…and nobody’s here.


And thank you anon, that was so nice of you! I’ll tell to the others too!

Merry Christmas to all the Magical Molly! fans!

(SAD) News.

Asks will be officially closed this January. However the submit button is still available.

Hilda, I believe this music is right for you.

Hilda: umm…OK, I’ll try listening to this someday.

Maria, Sabrina what was it like in the witch world? Did you meet any other magical girls trapped there? Was the food good? I want details to know what might happen if I make my promise to cubey


Hmm…the Witch’s world is kinda huge I think…But there is no sign of any other Magical Girls trapped in there.


And also, there is nothing good in here.


Well, I’m not sure about the full details of the Witch’s world…yet. Anyhow, if you want to fight the witches if you’re a Magical Girl, be careful.

Will be answering questions this Monday midnight!